Audra Keeler - Lead Vocals
     I have been singing and enjoying music for as long as I can remember. I grew up around it! My father was an accomplished bass player and was always in bands. My mother is a classical singer. So, if you put the two together that gives you me! I have been performing in front of live bands since the age of 12.

     It all started with my father’s band Blue Horizon. It was just a small local band, but it gave me the confidence and experience that I needed for the future that was to come. In 2002 I joined the band Riptide as their leading lady. What was supposed to be a dual front vocal role consisting of a female and male lead singer, quickly turned to just a female fronted band. I discovered how to push myself in to becoming extremely diverse in the music I can sing and perform. It was here that I discovered I was not a one genre kind of girl, but rather a variety is what I craved! 

     I went on to win several local singing competitions and I was starting to get a name for myself and Riptide. Riptide went onto entertain the DC/MD/VA/PA areas for 4 years until the band fell apart. Then in 2006, I along with a couple of the remaining members of Riptide trudged on to re-name the band Tin Roof Rusted. In 2007 after going through a couple different bass players to find the right fit, we decided to all go our separate ways.

     In 2008 I joined the band Legend. Legend was a new project that consisted of two guitarist, bass and drums. It was still a variety band, but most of the songs swayed to the classic and modern rock side. As with many small town bands Legend went through its share of changes until we lost our lead guitarist to medical issues leaving me in charge of Legend! In 2012 I took Legend in a new direction. With only me and the original bass player of Legend left, we added a new lead guitarist, new drummer and a Keyboard player. Our sound became fresher as we started adding newer tunes. But I still felt as though I was being held back from the direction I really wanted to go in. There was still a huge age differential between myself and a couple of the members. With differences in age came a difference in opinion on what type of music to play and the non-willingness to write our own music. That is when I made the difficult choice to completely re-vamp my current working band that had played over 50 shows in 2012 and change not only some of the members, but re-name the band as well.

     In July of 2013 TABOO was born! With this fresh and vibrant name, also comes fresh and vibrant music! For the first time I got to sing the songs that I craved!  July of 2013 was also the year I won Best female Vocalist and Grand Champion Vocalist for Rockbridge, VA singing competition! Bong, Mike and myself have been going strong ever since.  We continue to add new music and stretch our abilities more and more.  In 2018 we recorded our first original song titled, "Tonight's the Night".  It has currently gotten over 6.4K views and continues to grow every day(The video can be viewed on our home page).  It's not always easy juggling family, a day job and a band all at once, but I would not trade it for the world.   I am right where I want to be in my music and the sky is the limit!

Bong Belasario - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Since I was a young boy in the Philippines, I have loved and been around music. My first musical influence was my uncle. He would play his guitar and sing songs by Cat Stevens, James Taylor, and Simon and Garfunkel as I learned and listened. When I was about 12, my dad brought home my first nylon string guitar. A few years later, he bought me the electric guitar that I still use today. The band that has influenced my playing the most is the Beatles. With each song and a handy chord chart, I listened and learned how to play the guitar. The band that has influenced my playing the most is the Beatles. With each song and a handy chord chart, I listened and learned how to play the guitar. Afterwards, I began to listen and play songs by Metallica, and other alternative and grunge bands such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, G ‘n R, Bush, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. At the age of 16, I had my first paying gig in a pizza store in Manila with the band, Mois Burogis. When I turned 23, I came to the US and continued playing the acoustic guitar. I practiced in a couple of basement and garage bands until I joined the band, Legend. Today, with the band Taboo, I try to stay true to my musical roots and play songs that people can dance with and have fun.

​​Chris Sample- Drums

Chris is our newest member.  He recently joined Taboo September of 2018, with years of experience touring nationally!  

Variety Party Band
Playing all the Music you wanna hear!
​Top 40, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Pop, Funk, Rap, Hip Hop and a little Country Too!

Mike Moroney - Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Updated July 16, 2015

Currently Studying Music Theory and Bass with Anthony Wellington
May 2015 - Attended Victor Wooten's Bass/Nature Camp. Attended clinics with:

  • Steve Bailey - Berkley School of Music
  • Victor Wooten - Grammy Award Winning Bassist, Victor Wooten Band
  • Felix Pastourious - Bassist
  • Danny Gottleib - drummer, rhythm lessons - Lt Dan Band
  • Beth Gottleib - percussionist, rhythm lessons - Disney
  • Chuck Rainey - Legendary Bassist for multiple artist
  • JD Bailey (The Groove Regulator) - drummer, Victor Wooten Band, Shania Twain
  • Roy "Futureman" Wooten - drummer, Victor Wooten Band

July 2014 - Attended The Winery Dogs Band Camp. Attended clinics with:

  • Billy Sheehan - bassist - The Winery Dogs, Mr. Big, David Lee Roth, Talas
  • Ritchie Kotzen - guitarist - The Winery Dogs, Ritchie Kotzen Band, Mr. Big, Poison
  • Mike Portnoy - drummer - The Winery Dogs, Dream Theater
  • Mike Bennett - drummer - Ritchie Kotzen Band
  • Dylan Wilson - bassist - Ritchie Rotzen Band

I have been playing music in cover and original bands in the Washington, DC Metro area for many years. The bands have worked for agencies including Starleigh Entertainment, James Turner Productions and More Music Group. I started playing music at age 19. In my hometown of Woodbridge, VA, there were many bands, lots of guitar players and drummers, so I decided to get into the local music scene by playing bass – everybody needed a bass player. I played blues, rock and southern rock with many bands. Playing parties eventually lead to getting our bands into the local bars. The bands I joined started writing and recording their own music. Original music was a fun alternative to playing the covers everybody else played. I was fortunate to get songs on Washington, DC radio stations’ “Local Licks” radio shows. We felt it was quite the accomplishment to get our songs played on the radio. This was before the arrival of the internet, where now everybody can get their music online. I have played hundreds of gigs all over the Mid-Atlantic area - locations ranging from Ocean City, MD; Washington, DC; Charlestown, WV; Fredericksburg, VA to Solomons Island, MD. The bands in played in were happy to pick up our gear and hit the road, always searching for new audiences and bigger venues. I always liked the progressive bands like ‘Yes’, ‘Rush’, ‘The Who’, ‘Steely Dan’ and artists Jeff Beck and John McLaughlin. Playing radio hits gets a band in a room, but I like the challenging material other bands played that many people would not hear on the radio. My musical playing styles range from Metal, Progressive Jazz Rock Fusion, Classic Rock, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Country and Pop Music. My bass player heroes are: Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee, John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, Billy Sheehan, Flea, and Victor Wooten. I enjoy playing cover songs and I love writing and recording original songs, collaborating with musicians to create new music.